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QZSD Q45 Ǣҵ ͧProfessional Camera Tripod Panoramic 360 Degree Vertical Pro Gimbal Tripod Head

  • Model: IMP_QZ_Q45
  • 45 stock
  • çҹԵ : QZSD Photographic Equipment
  • ѹѹ֡Թ : 4 .. 2017
  • ش : 4 .. 2017
  • Թ : 2-3 ѹ ѧҡ͹Թ

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Ѵ: 2,400.00ҷ 

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QZSD Q-45 Ǣҵ駡ͧѺٹ,ͧѵ, ͧѺŹСͧչ˹ѡҡ ᷹ Wimberley WH-200


  • ͧѺŹСͧչ˹ѡҡ
  • Ѻͧ Ѻٹ,ͧѵ,
  • Եҡʴت鹴 䫹§
  • ᷹ Wimberley WH-200

QZSD Q45 Professional 360-degree Panorama Gimbal Tripod Head Bird-Swing Quick Release Plate For DSLR Video Camera Telephoto Lens

QZSD Q-45 Ǣҵ駡ͧѺٹ,ͧѵ,?ͷ¡ѹ "Ҥ" ͧѺŹСͧչ˹ѡҡ Ѻͧ Եҡʴت鹴 䫹§

This Gimbal Tripod Head Q-45 is a specialized tripod head for heavy telephoto lenses, widely used on wild animals shoots, exotic birds shoots, wonderful sport game shoots. It is easily to control and very suitable for wide quick capture of the nature animals' moving and running, flying birds, sport game splendid moment.

This gimbal tripod is developed on the based of Wimberley WH-200. It allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses. What's more, it's faster and more stable than the traditional ball head, realized the function of using the lens from all different side and that's completely adjustable. Also it is compatible with international-style QR system, it is the photographers? first choice for outdoor shooting.

Product Description:

  • Material:?aluminum
  • Pro?heavy-duty
  • .With?quick?release
  • With?360??dial
  • .Adjustment?far?and?near?and?easy?to?move
  • Maximum?loading?capacity:?20kg
  • Camera?screw:?1/4?inch
  • Dimension:?210?x?210?x?70mm
  • Used?at?tracking?bird
  • Can?shoot?360??view
  • Weight:?1.1kg


  • Tripod Length: 210mm
  • Load Capacity: 8kg
  • 3/8?screw on base for tripod
  • 1/4" screw thread on QR plate for camera
  • Weight: 1.1 KG

How to use:
1.? Vertical balance adjustment lever with a built-in compass
The clamp with quick release of this gimbal head could be moved up or down through adjusting the vertical balance adjustment lever. Adjust the up or down
displacement by locking the vertical balance adjustment lever in counter-clockwise direction while tighten the lock knob in clockwise direction is to fix the displacement.

2.? Tilt knob
When the mounting plate lock lever is locked, the quick release system could be adjustable for 360? by loosen the upper pivot bearing lock knob in counter
clockwise direction. Lock the quick release system by locking the tilt knob in clockwise direction.

3.? Horizontal balance adjustment lever
The base mount could be rotate 360?by loosening the panning lock knob in counter-clockwise direction. While locking the base mount by locking the panning lock
knob is clockwise direction

ҧ review Թ youtube ( beike qzsd çҹ ǡѹ ӵҴù л )


  • ѺСѹԹ ҹ 6 ͹



Թҹ ١ѹ֡ ŧ㹰ҹ ѹ ҷԵ 04 Զع¹, 2017.

ѺاԹ ش ѹ ҷԵ 04 Զع¹, 2017

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